OpenCms Community

CodeDroids actively takes part in the OpenCms community, among other things by providing a Danish translation of OpenCms. We also develop other modules for OpenCms - see more on the download-page.

To get to know OpenCms better there is a number of web sites you can visit, here is a list of other resources that you may find relevant:

  • is the official homepage, where you get the binaries, source, documents and modules. There is also a mailinglist and a ditto archive,
  • opencms-wiki provide an alternative source of information.

Using these resources can be of great help. If you run into problems the best place to look for an answer is the OpenCms mailinglist, but please check the mail archives to see if the your question already have been answered. If you're a bit more hardcore you may also want to see if the problem is already listed in the bug-tracker.

And of course, we do provide support at reasonble rates, so we can help you as well: contact us for more info.