OpenCms - the Open Source Content Management System

OpenCms is a content management system, i.e. a system specialized in managing the homepage. And that in such a manner that it is both easy and safe to do so, without having to consult HTML-manuals or learn about FTP and so forth.

OpenCms is an open-source product. Visit the OpenCms site:

OpenCms is easy to use. A bunch of advanced facilities is of no use if they are to difficult to master. OpenCms makes the common tasks very easy.

OpenCms has an intuitive user interface, making the most of familiar terms like desktop and wordprocessing. Anyone with a little experience with working on a PC will feel at home right away. But in contrast to some other easy-to-use systems, OpenCms is not a simplistic, limited system. On the contrary. OpenCms makes it possible to create complex web sites, allowing for a high degree of customization. All based on Java, JSP, XML and other open standards.

OpenCms is completely browser-based. So all you need is a web-browser and access to the internet, then you can administer the homepage. The administrative part is of course protected with an access control, based on users and access rights.

OpenCms is a multiuser system, allowing for many people to work on the site at the same time. To facilitate the collaborative effort OpenCms works with projects. In conjunction with the access control system this allows many activities to take place on the web site without having the users to get in the way of each other.

Whether the web site is simple or complex, OpenCms makes it easy, safe and fast to maintain pages and add new ones.

CodeDroids provides OpenCms consulting as well as web site consulting in general.