OpenCms - Easy to use

As easy as editing a document on your PC

From a user perspective it doesn't get any easier. All you need is web-browser and your are ready to start using OpenCms.

OpenCms uses well known concepts as desktop, files and word processing. With just the most basic experience in working with PC's you are ready to master OpenCms.

The use of templates makes it easy and safe to make changes to the home page. You do not get to edit anything but the actual contents. No fiddling with layout and HTML-codes when all you need is to update the contents of the page.

Things like handling images which usually can be complicated, is easily handled by means of picture galleries. Once in the gallery, a picture can be dragged directly into the document and be positioned.

OpenCms works with projects. All editing takes place in offline projects. This enables a number of documents to be updated, proof-read and so on, before finally being publishing all in one go.

OpenCms contains a number of features that makes making updates much safer. Beside templates and offline-editing, features like link checks and so forth helps catching common errors before they are made public..

OpenCms is available in a number of languages. We have translated OpenCms into Danish and provides the modules free of charge in the download section.