CodeDroids have chosen to focus on a number of development tools. They are chosen based on a number of criterias and are the leading tools within their realm.

We do apply other tools if the specific tasks demands it, but the ones we have chosen tend to cover most aspects of todays development tasks.

Web technologies

From the very start when Tim Berners-Lee developed the first web browser at CERN, and until today the development has taken place at an tremendous pace. And today internet- and web-based technologies are becoming more and more prevalent.

We focus on building solutions on top of OpenCms. We do develop JSP and Grails-based technologies as well, when they prove to be a better choice.

Desktop/client technologies

There is a number of things to consider when creating desktop applications. First and foremost one need to determine on what platforms the application should be available.


If the requirement is for a cross-platform application, one choice stands out: Java. With Java and Swing it is possible to provide an excellent user-experience across a wide range of computer devices and operating systems.

Java and Swing becomes even more interesting when looking at 2, 3 and n-tier client/server applications. Proving the full user experience and the convenience of the web browser as a means of distribution, Java/Swing application combined with Java Web Start are the basis of the most powerful applications today..

Database technologies

Almost more vital than the stability of the operating system is the stability of database servers. This is why we focus on proven technologies. Oracle and MySQL are two very different products, but they have the large amount of installations in common. So both products are battle tested and ready to serve you as well.


Famous for its speed and likewise infamous for lack of support for some of the more basic as well as esoteric SQL commands. MySQL is in widespread use throughout the world, and while lacking some features, it is still gaining new grounds. Development is continuing and with the event of version 4 and the InnoDB backend (thus gaining ACID compliance), MySQL is increasingly moving towards high-end usage..