CodeDroids has a very strong background in programming. We have experience with the development of complex, database-driven information technology systems.

In todays world the solutions are often a mix of  web technologies, client/server- and database-driven applications . But even the newest technologies is not of much use if they are applied without solving the actual problem.

Too often software projects gets derailed. There can be many causes, but often they fail to address the requirements that they were supposed to fulfil. Again, there can be a number of reasons for that. One reason is that the requirements change during the course of a long project. And that happens even when a lot of effort has been put into planning ahead. Recognising this fact from the outset of the project can help making the project succeed.

Our approach to software development is based on experience, common sense, advanced methodologies and last, but not least  the ability to listen to what you have to say. Your expertise combined with our knowledge is the foundation for success!

Common Sense

Common sense does not seems as something revolutionary in an industry where the tech-talk and three letter acronyms are available in an abundance. But that is exactly why it is important.

We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of the technological development - this is what fascinates us. But we are very well aware of the fact that not all others share that interest. You may be much more interested in what makes your business thrive and we would not want it any other way.  We know our stuff and you know yours...


AtCodeDroids we don't believe that there is one methodology that fits all needs. We adapt the disciplines to the project in question - not all projects requires a thousand pages of documentation. We do primarily use  eXtreme Programming (XP) as our guideline when developing. We like XP because it is rooted in the real world as opposed to some of the more structure, rigid theoretical methodologies.

Taking the imperfections of the real world into consideration, planning for changes and so on, greatly improves on the odds for a given project to become a success..


Beside choosing the right approach for the development process, we also spend time on evaluating various development tools to find the most suitable for the task at hand.

We have much experience with a number of tools and find that a handful of the best ones, covers almost all the projects that we have come across. If the project dictates the use of a different tool then we take on that challenge as well. We pride ourselves in being able to aquire new knowledge, rather than being stuck with one tool thus ending up recommending that for all projects...