Mobilise the Homepage

More and more users visits your homepage from mobile devices, give them an optimal experience

The explosion the number of smartphones leads to more and more visitors on homepage to be from mobile devices.

So while your homepage may work great in a desktop-browser, it will most likely work less optimal on a smartphone. Smartphones are typically controlled by a touch screen, and often loads data over the cell phone network. Thus there are some extra challenges to take into consideration in order to give the mobile isers a good experience:

  • Screen sizes in the range 3-5 inches simply cannot display as much information as an normal desktop or laptop-computer.
  • Navigation with a finger on such as small screen is much less precise than using a mouse or similar devices on a traditional computer.
  • Cell phone networks are still slower than other types of internet connections, and the usage is often metered so it is important not to send large amount of data to a mobile device.

All these issues must be considered in order to ensure the mobile visitor on your homepage a pleasent experience.

Luckily with our solutions you do not have to maintain two versions of the web pages, the system takes care of that.