The Royal Library in Denmark goes live with OpenCms

Over the last decade or so, the Royal Library's website - - has grown to include more than 300.000 pages. With 125.000 monthly visitors the website is already a success and an indispensible part of the service the library offers.

The Royal Library wants to stay on the front of the progress of the web, and has, in co-operation with CodeDroids, developed a platform that will carry the website into the future. The new site is based on OpenCms - the Java-based open source enterprise class content management system.

Successful co-operation

CodeDroids worked closely with the internal project groups at the Royal Library. The project groups consisted of both editorial staff and software developers , which already had significant and important knowledge about the challenges that faces such a complex and large web site.

This great knowledge combined with CodeDroids' expertise on OpenCms made it possible to bring this ambitious project to a successful conclusion.

Tailor made solution

The Royal Library's web site is complex and needs to fulfill many and diverse requirements. OpenCms' great flexibility is therefore a vital key to be able to support such a web site. The concept for handling the contents in OpenCms is very generic and makes it possible to build tailor-made solutions in order to ease the editoral process. OpenCms is designed with flexibility in mind.

The Royal Library has a large number of editors, experts in their fields, all of which must have access to edit parts of the web site. OpenCms comes with a very complete system for controlling the access rights.
Each editor thus has exact the rights necessary to maintain the part of the web site related to their field of expertise.

OpenCms was also integrated into a number of the advanced web services that the Royal Library already was offering. An example would be the integration of the OpenCms WYSIWYG editor with the large media database, such that editors can place images from the media database directly into the page while they are editing the page.

Platform for the future

Based on open standards such as Java, XML, and SQL OpenCms is a platform that continued can be extended and build upon to meet future requirements for the Royal Library's web site.

OpenCms is modular and its functionality can be extended with generic and custom-built modules. At CodeDroids we have extensive experience building such modules.